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The vacuum system of my Philips Beard Trimmer does not work

Published on 2021-06-20

If the vacuum system of your beard trimmer is not sucking in your trimmed hair, try our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue.

The hair collection chamber is full

The hair collection chamber is the area underneath your trimming attachment, where all the hair gets captured. Once this chamber is full, it will no longer have the capacity to hold any more hair. Then it may seem like the vacuum system is not working. However, you just need to empty the hair chamber. 

Open the hair collection chamber and shake out all the hair collected in it. Use the brush supplied with your trimmer or a cotton swab to clean any remaining hair still stuck inside the chamber.

If you have a very long or dense beard, the hair chamber will fill out quicker. In this case, you may need to empty it during the trimming session to make sure the vacuum functions properly.

Never use water to clean the hair chamber as this can damage the appliance.
Cleaning the hair chamber Philips Beard Trimmer

The attachment is dirty

Always make sure that the attachment is clean so that that vacuum opening is not hampered or jammed by dirt or leftover hair.

The air slots are covered

The Philips Beard Trimmer has air slots on its body, to allow the air to be sucked in and blown out. Make sure these slots are not covered or blocked when you use the trimmer, as this can affect the vacuuming function of the trimmer.

Air slots Philips Beard Trimmer

The trimmer is not used correctly

Make sure you move the beard trimmer against the direction of your hair growth. Always make smooth gentle strokes. This will allow your trimmer to efficiently capture the trimmed hair as you go. 

If you have tried the advice above and are still not happy with the vacuuming function of your trimmer then please contact us.
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