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My Philips Avent breast pump has too much suction

Published on 2020-12-10

If the suction of your Philips Avent breast pump does not meet your wishes, there might be a simple way to mend this. Just use our easy tips and tricks.

  • Make sure you only use the breast pump's parts.
  • Make sure you have assembled the breast pump with the massage cushion: not using the massage cushion can result in too much vacuum.
  • Using a breast pump for the first time, you may experience the suction level as too high at first. Practicing can help. Philips Avent gives [click here](tips and tricks for starting with milk expression here).
  • If you are using the electric breast pump, the level of suction can be decreased by using a lower suction setting on top of the motor unit.
  • If you are using the manual breast pump, try depressing the handle only halfway when expressing. You do not need to push the handle all the way in to achieve suction. You can regulate the suction the pump gives by depressing the handle more or less, giving you complete control over the amount of suction that works best for you. If you are using the electric pump, you can choose a lower suction level on the motor unit.
  • If you continue to have trouble with using the breast pump, contact your lactation specialist.
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