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Interoperability || KBA 1


Starting with an existing hospital EMR, through an HL-7 interface, eCareManager accesses patient data and provides essential information for the Telehealth Center care team.
Population management || KBA 1

Population management

Patient information is presented in a dashboard-style user interface for fast clinical analysis of active conditions and a quick review of assigned tasks. Bi-directional audiovisual controls, as well as clinical data are integrated into a single patient census display to provide the remote clinical team the necessary patient data to provide proactive support to bedside clinicians across patient populations.
Resource management || KBA 1

Resource management

Enables a single intensivist and two or three critical care nurses to supplement care for up to 150 beds simultaneously¹, regardless of patient location; helping to optimize existing care-provider staff and leverage every resource in the most efficient way.
Advanced visualization || KBA 1

Advanced visualization

Incorporates single-point visualization of data otherwise fragmented across many units and hospitals, and illustrates key physiologic indicators for overall patient health/progression.
Clinical decision support || KBA 1

Clinical decision support

eCareManager leverages Smart Alerts® technology to help clinicians systematically assess, analyze and incorporate clinical data into their interventions and care plans. Powered by the Smart Alerts engine, the technology analyzes a patient-specific baseline and underlying conditions; and continuously samples data from patient vital signs, medications, lab results and flowsheets. When a change that meets criteria defined by clinical evidence is detected, Smart Alerts sends a prompt to the care team, enabling them to act quickly.
  • 1. Goran SF and Mullen-Fortino M. Partnership for a Healthy Work Environment: Tele-ICU/ICU Collaborative. AACN Advanced Critical Care. 2012, 23(3): 289-301.