Philips Magnetic Resonance systems provide Digital clarity & speed

Magnetic Resonance


With a wide variety of patients and large range of clinical indications, you need magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that can perform with digital clarity & speed in many clinical circumstances. With our MRI solutions, you can meet today’s healthcare challenges.

  • Coil Selector

    Coil Selector

  • Imaging Systems

    Imaging Systems

    Philips magnetic resonance imaging solutions increase efficiency & obtain superb clinical results. Learn more about Ingenia systems with dStream architecture.

  • Therapy Systems

    Therapy Systems

    Find out how Philips Magnetic Resonance therapy system helps oncologists from diagnosis to therapy guidance. Learn how to improve radiotherapy using MR.

  • Upgrades and Conversions

    Upgrades and Conversions

    Philips magnetic resonance SmartPath provides easy access to the latest MR upgrades. Learn how this improves flow and reduces costs.

  • Expression MR Patient Monitoring

    Expression MR Patient Monitoring