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Our innovative MR-only simulation helps you use MRI as the primary imaging modality for planning prostate cancer patients’ treatment, thereby eliminating tedious and error prone MR-CT registration. Available as a plug-in extension to the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation provides high contrast anatomical MR images for target delineation and density information you’d expect from CT.

  • 1. Accuracy means: MRCAT provides around 1 mm total geometric accuracy of image data in less than 20 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV). MRCAT provides below 2 mm total geometric accuracy of image data in more than 40 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV)*. * Limited to 32 cm in z-direction in more than 95% of the points within the volume
  • 2. Equivalent means: the simulated dose based on MRCAT images does not differ in 95% of the pelvic cancer patients (Gamma analysis criterion 3%/3mm realized in 99% of voxels within the PTV or exceeding 75% of the maximum dose) when compared with CT-based plan for EBRT.
  • 3. Tested in a non-clinical environment with single Pinnacle user and a 5-beam IMRT plan. Excluding time for optional manual adjustments.