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Maintaining balance

Maintaining balance


As a successful healthcare provider in a dynamic health economy, the key is to balance financial outcomes while maintaining a patient-centric approach. At Philips, we are committed to help you do-more-with-less.

Our clinical workflow transformation team can help you to gain insight into the efficiency, costs, and effectiveness of your clinical pathways.

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In a joint collaboration with all stakeholders, we perform a unique and innovative cost-effectiveness analysis, which focuses on the flow of patients, caregivers, and information.

Process wheel

Situational assessment

Understand the performance of your clinical pathways

Clinical transformation

Identify the ideal solution

Solution implementation

Illustrate cost-effectiveness

Icon situational assessment

Situational assessment

Map clinical pathways and caregiver workflows


  • Discuss, explore and visualize clinical pathways using healthcare icons.
  • Transfer, store and share patient journeys using our intelligent cloud-based platform.
  • Map activities, movement of people, and the flow of information embedded in each caregiver workflow.

Analyze efficiencies and costs


  • Extract relevant data sets from existing information systems.
  • Conduct time and motion studies to fill in any gaps.
  • Derive distribution models to gain a deeper understanding of each caregiver workflow.

Interpret and simulate clinical pathways

Efficiencies, costs and patient outcomes

Time cost outcome
Determine the performance of current clinical pathways and simulate the efficiency, costs and patient outcomes.

Patient experience

Patient journey
Understand and gain deeper insights into the different emotions a patient might experience across the continuum of care.
Icon clinical transformation
Icon clinical transformation

Clinical transformation

Co-create optimal workflow scenarios


  • All stakeholders collectively design, map and validate desired scenarios after considering clinical best practice.
  • Once the ideal solution is identified and the findings communicated, preparation for implementation begins.

Analyze, estimate, and identify the most cost-effective solution

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes

Time cost outcome comparison
Distribution models are added to simulate and compare efficiency, costs and effectiveness.

Enhance patient experience

Patient journey comparison
Friction points are eliminated across the continuum of care, to deliver an improved patient experience.
Icon solution implementation

Solution implementation

  • Caregivers are trained, and the solution is implemented.
  • A re-assessment of the overall performance is done.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the solution is calculated to illustrate the true impact of the changes made.

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Partner with us to new frontiers in cost-effectiveness analysis, a journey towards meaningful innovation and self-discovery.

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