Pinnacle³ Treatment Planning

Pinnacle³ Dynamic Planning

Free yourself from long hours spent re-planning

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Pinnacle³ Dynamic Planning is designed to make re-treatment and treatment adaptation feasible for most clinics. Fast assessment and re-planning tools generate at-a-glance information to help monitor treatment efficacy and create new plans.

Re-planning automation || Saves time

Significant time savings

The automation in Pinnacle³ Dynamic Planning is designed to simplify workflow and make an impact on departmental efficiency. Dynamic planning can save 6 hours for every head & neck re-plan.*
Smart Copy-Plan tools || Easy to use

Automate labor-intensive processes

Plan parameters are copied to new image sets with minimal user intervention, eliminating the need to create a new treatment plan for the same patient.
Fast assessment tools || Saves time

Determine the need to re-plan

Intuitive evaluation tools allow side-by-side comparison of patient images, visualizing the impact of the change in the patient on the original contours. The impact to dose distribution because of the change in anatomy can be visualized on the Dose Volume Histograms. See at a glance whether a re-plan is needed.
Trending tools || Easy to use

Manage treatment plans over time

Dynamically track treatment plan changes or change over time in volume or motion of target or clinical structures, for patient consultations and peer reviews. Navigating through historic plans visualizes the changes that were implemented, and trending tools show change over time.
  • *Estimated times during clinical validation - courtesy of LewisGale Hospital, Pulaski, VA