CX50 Ultrasound system

CX50 Regional anesthesia

Ultrasound system


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You can be confident that you are getting exceptional image quality for your ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and procedures, even on your most technically challenging patients.

Portable design

Portable design for easy mobility

Take the CX50 POC where you need it. On cart it allows for easy mobility and effortless maneuverability in the perioperative environment as well as throughout the hospital. The CX50 POC system is the ideal solution for multiple-site support. With its convenient travel case, you can easily take the CX50 POC to satellite locations to support nerve blocks wherever needed.
The gold standard for security

The gold standard for security

Philips recognizes the importance of securing your ultrasound system and protecting your patient data. The security feature is a defense-in-depth strategy that comprises five layers: firewall, operating system hardening, malware protection, access controls and patient data encryption. Each of these layers plays an important role in helping you thwart hackers, defend against malware, and prevent unauthorized access.
Multiport adapter

Multiport adapter for easily switching between transducers

This adapter allows up to three imaging transducers to be connected to the system at once, so you can easily switch transducers mid-exam.
PureWave Imaging

PureWave Imaging for technically difficult patients

PureWave goes portable - It’s the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer technology in 40 years. Over a million ultrasound exams have benefited from PureWave’s exceptional penetration and far-field resolution. PureWave excels on deep blocks and technically difficult patients, providing excellent 2D image quality. Now, you can take advantage of PureWave’s image quality in your regional anesthesia practice.
Needle Visualization

Needle Visualization to enhance needle display

During ultrasound-guided procedures, the CX50 POC’s needle visualization feature can assist with line placements and other invasive procedures. The needle is enhanced in the image display without degrading surrounding tissue, allowing exceptional visibility of anatomy and increasing diagnostic confidence during procedures.
Battery operation

Battery operation saves time

Advanced features like battery operation and 'instant on' are just some of the features that make it easy and quick to set up in the perioperative environment, visualize the sonoanatomy, and identify the target. The CX50 POC allows you to experience exceptional image quality for all your nerve block patients.

iSCAN for automatic and efficient image optimization

Image optimization is simple with iSCAN, a one-button step to getting outstanding images and Doppler signals, allowing you to spend less time scanning and more time treating your patients.
Remote Reporting

Remote Reporting – Telexy Qpath

The Remote Reporting* feature provides clinicians remote access to the Telexy Qpath** POCUS workflow solution. This feature allows clinicians to interact with the ultrasound images and Qpath worksheets directly from the system. The ability to complete and approve ultrasound exam reports at the point-of-care uniquely enhances work flow in the ED.
Easy clip

Easy clip for tangle free cables

Easy clip, our innovative cable management solution, keeps cables tangle free.
SonoCT and XRES

SonoCT and XRES improves image quality and reduces noise

Compounding multiple angles in real time, SonoCT delivers one image with extraordinary high quality. The adaptive process of XRES eliminates virtually all speckle noise, improves image clarity and margin definition. XRES is supported on all imaging transducers.
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