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We’ve designed Ingenia 3.0T CX with the performance that helps you explore with confidence, perform advanced clinical imaging that supports referrals, and conduct routine imaging efficiently. Thanks in part to exceptional Quasar Dual gradient performance. Your patients benefit from digital imaging that opens the door to personalized care.



High quality images and remarkable speed are possible with our dStream digital broadband architecture. Enjoy up to 40% more SNR⁴ and enhanced throughput with channel-independent RF technology that makes upgrades easy.
ScanWise Implant
ScanWise Implant

ScanWise Implant

ScanWise Implant allows you to confidently offer MR imaging to a growing and potentially underserved subset of the patient population, enhancing your reputation and encouraging referrals.
Work at the forefront of clinical exc... || 1

Work at the forefront of clinical excellence

Explore new clinical pathways in oncology, neuroscience, and heart disease with our Advanced MRI capabilities.
Drive clinical performance || 1

Drive clinical performance

Use our Premium Image Quality¹ and the digital clarity and speed of dStream digital broadband MR to enhance diagnostic information, every time, within the available time slot.
Access high precision results || 1

Access high precision results

MultiTransmit 4D technology enhances image uniformity, consistency, and speed to promote high precision results.
Enhance patient comfort || 1

Enhance patient comfort

The ambient lighting and reduction of patient-perceived (in bore) noise enhance scanning comfort and support consistent exams.
Premium IQ¹ || Drive clinical performance

Premium IQ¹

Premium IQ defined as increased SNR and speed and improved fat-free and motion-free imaging obtained on dStream with dS SENSE, mDixon and Multivane XD compared to Achieva with SENSE, dixon and propeller. Maximize critical diagnostic information within the available timeslot.
iPatient || 1


Every patient is different. iPatient is an advanced platform for our Ingenia systems that puts you in control of personalized, patient-centric imaging to support greater consistency and efficiency. iPatient offers as much as a 30% improvement in throughput².
Advanced MRI || Drive clinical performance

Advanced MRI

Improve your referral base by expanding your diagnostic opportunities. Advanced diagnostic solutions increase the capabilities on MRI to cover emerging clinical indications in neurology, oncology, and cardiology.
  • ¹. Premium Image Quality (IQ) defined as increased SNR and speed and improved fat-free and motion-free imaging obtained on dStream with dS SENSE, mDIXON and MultiVane XD compared to Achieva with SENSE, Dixon and Propeller
  • ². Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need for any manual removal or repositioning, FlexStream enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil positioning and patient setup time.
  • ³, ⁴. Up to 40% more SNR compared to Achieva as non-digital/dStream system.