Sleepware G3 Software

Sleepware G3 with integrated Somnolyzer Scoring Solution


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When it comes to diagnosing your patients, Sleepware G3 offers an enriching and productive experience. Our powerful and easy-to-use sleep diagnostic software gives you control and protection against unwanted access to patient data.

Data protection || Flexible and customizable work

Data protection safeguards patient confidentiality

Sleepware G3 facilitates data integrity and consistency. You get protection against loss of valuable acquired sleep data and the option to store the data as desired. Safe login customization allows supervisors to limit user access to only the work assigned to them.
Extract relevant data || Enhanced diagnostics

Extract relevant data to assess treatment plans

You can view and customize data to meet specific user needs. Sleepware G3's comprehensive reporting capability will get you up and running quickly.
Intuitive interface || Flexible and customizable work

Intuitive interface supports customized preferences

Sleepware G3 supports customization on all levels: you can configure workspaces within the data view, create and share an unlimited number of workspaces, create synchronized data views, and adapt the interface to your staff's scoring style. Preferences and permissions can be shared and enforced at group level. The flexible, robust platform meets the workflow requirement of your lab, no matter the size.
Create workspace favorites || Flexible and customizable work

Create workspace favorites to enhance efficiency

Create workspace favorites to enhance efficiency
New Composite Channel || Enhanced diagnostics

New Composite Channel for a more meaningful overview

Compatible with Philips Respironics BiPAP autoSV, Sleepware G3 introduces an innovative new composite channel type that is especially useful when using this device on your more complex patients. The channel includes multiple therapy settings and patient pressure into one composite display, available as trend or in breath-by-breath raw data form.
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