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Geriatric care - Care for those who cared for us


Geriatric care: Geriatric care is the process of planning and coordinating care for elderly people to meet their long term care needs and improve the quality of their lives.


Geriatric population in India: According to population census, there are nearly 104 million elderly people (aged 60 and above) in India where 53 million are females and 51 million are males. About 75% live in rural areas and 73% are illiterate.


Physical and mental health of elderly people


Mental health: Approximately 15% of adults aged sixty and over suffer from a mental disorder. Older adults are vulnerable to elder abuse like physical, verbal, psychological, financial and sexual abuse; abandonment; neglect; and serious losses of dignity and respect. These may lead to depression, psychoses and even suicide.


Physical health: Common illnesses in old age are Arthritis, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia. To avoid these, there should be early diagnosis done every 3 months to promote early and optimal management.

Daily Needs for Elderly Care


1) Mobility

Mobility is important to the elderly even within the surroundings. They need to be comfortable with wheelchair, motorized mobility chair, walker or cane.


2) Transportation

An elderly person should set up transportation for getting medical appointments and physical therapy.


3) Medication

Elderly people needs to remain healthy with proper medication like adequate medical care, doctor’s visits, insulin, dental care, foot care, eye care, physical therapy and psychiatric therapy.


4) Personal care

An elderly person needs assistance with bathing, dressing and personal grooming. Other basic functions include maintaining a safe environment, communication, controlling temperature etc.


5) Nutrition

An elderly person needs proper nutrition to stay healthy. A daily meal plan prepared weekly would be easier for him/her to warm and eat every day.


Geriatric care management: A professional geriatric care manager has done his education in social work, psychology, nursing and gerontology (study of old age) and trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide services for elderly people with the agenda of meeting their long term needs, improve their quality of life and maintain their independence for long.


Philips geriatric Care@home


Philips healthcare@home has currently started geriatric care@home for elderly people. It is for those who need basic services like walking, bathing, dressing, eating and providing medication. Our home health care professionals include well-trained team of doctors, experienced respiratory therapists, practically experienced nurses and attendants. We provide specialized nursing, physiotherapy, doctor on call and health monitoring for 24 hours.

Care areas

1) Diabetes

2) Hypertension

3) Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD)

4) Cardiovascular disease

5) Oncology

6) Arthritis

7) Hearing impairment

8) Neurological disease


Care delivery

1) Vitals monitoring

2) Assistance in activity of daily living

3) Assistance in mobilization (rehab)

4) Medicine administration (if any)

5) Nutrition assistance

6) Device support as per requirement


Key Features

1) Complete care plans for elders, prepared in consultation with the treating physician

2) Dedicated team of caregivers provide complete co-ordination of support

3) Regular monitoring of elders and their care plans


Benefits provided by Philips geriatric care@home


1) Better clinical outcome: The people in hospital may face infections due to sensitive health during the treatment. The same care if provided at home will have less hospital acquired infections and better chances of early recovery.

2) Cost effective treatment: The geriatric home services are at much lesser price than that of the cost charged in hospitals.

3) Improved quality of life: people often feel comfortable at their own home rather than being cared at hospitals.