Health informatics

Cybersecurity in the age of connected health

Health informatics

Cybersecurity in the age of connected health

Healthcare IT professionals:

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The challenge


The possibility of a health data breach is arguably the biggest worry keeping healthcare IT leaders up at night. Privacy protections have been part of healthcare IT systems for some time, creating a shift in focus now to strengthening systems against cyber-attacks.


As health networks are delivering more care in home and other external settings, IT systems are no longer just managing data that is created—and stays—onsite. The increase in the volume and types of devices and data opens up still more opportunities for compromise.


But budget priorities compete. Technologies need to be resource- and cost-efficient, while still assuring the highest levels of cybersecurity and without compromise to performance.

The opportunity


Connected health technologies have the potential to transform the way healthcare is delivered, by allowing consumer and health professionals to connect more easily and make better-informed decisions. With peace of mind that such technologies are secure, health systems can confidently pursue these promising opportunities.


As such, healthcare IT leaders need solutions that deliver on their core clinical value but are also backed by a manufacturer’s commitment to and understanding that the minimum requirements for security is just the starting point.


Philips Healthcare is committed to the deployment of comprehensive security plans that assure the safety of medical devices, business enterprise information and personal data. So, you can be secure in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data and the systems that house it.

Innovations that keep data protected


IntelliSpace Cardiovascular thumbnail

Highly secure cardiovascular informatics


IntelliSpace Cardiovascular provides clinicians with a single point of access anytime and virtually* anywhere to support informed decision-making by providing a comprehensive overview of a patient. The solution supports tight integrations with and streamlined access to Philips and other third-party applications – including scheduling systems, lab applications, and specialty PACS.

ProductSecurity 700x394

Ensuring security, transparency and compliance

Philips Product Security and Services Office governs embedding security in product and services during its entire lifecycle, including Product Security Risk Assessments, project-independent vulnerability and penetration assessments, specialized product security trainings, and response activities for vulnerabilities.

Cloud connectivity built for healthcare

HealthSuite Digital Platform is a secure, cloud-based platform of services, capabilities and tools purpose-built for the complex challenges of healthcare, featuring deep clinical databases, patient privacy, industry standards and protocols, and personal and population data visualizations.

FocusPoint 700x394

Protecting your system health

FocusPoint delivers an on-premise management system for Philips medical equipment, applications and networks, designed to create a superb user experience and to help support increased uptime. It aggregates, processes, stores, and presents inventory, statistical, and technical alert information for patient monitoring.

Securing imaging data across your enterprise

Enterprise imaging with IntelliSpace PACS helps your enterprise stay connected, and secure, to prevent and recover from data breaches and ransomware attacks. Continuously maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of managed data.

Five Challenges

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*It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that Philips network requirements (such as performance, VPN) for IntelliSpace Cardiovascular are met.

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