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    Bahosi Hospital is a freestanding multi-disciplinary specialist center founded by Pioneer Services International Company Limited in 1994, in order to develop a quality healthcare system in Myanmar. 


    Myanmar’s health infrastructure and human resources. A need to fill up with modernized medical equipment with high-end technology and to promote the medical insurance system for the major population. 


    Support institutions in delivering high quality, efficient care in low to mid-acuity settings with budget-friendly, rugged and reliable monitoring products. 
    By using Philips equipment,
    we are upgrading our quality of healthcare system that we can provide better, cost effective, healthcare delivery to our patients.”

    Dr. Sann Hhting Aung

    Meet members of the Bahosi Hospital

    Dr. Sann Htin Aung

    Executive director of Bahosi Hospital

    Dr. Kyin Kin

    Head of department, senior consultant, ICU

    Dr. Chit Li

    Consultant of Bahosi hospital, ICU

    Wah Wah Hlaing

    Nurse of Bahosi Hospital

    Win Ohnmar Kyaw

    Nurse of Bahosi Hospital

    Efficia patient monitors deliver efficiency and reliability

    Our hospital is famous for orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, urosurgery and diabetology. We also have centers like Endoscopy Center, Bahosi Urology Center, Bahosi Oncology Center, Bahosi Dialysis Center, and Bahosi Fertility Center.


    Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, healthcare delivery system for the convenience of our patients, a wide range of services are made easily accessible within the complex, making it a one-stop hospital.

    “These monitors play an important role to identify patient critical illness, without them, we cannot interpret emergency situations easily"


    Wah Wah Hlaing

    Bahosi Hospital nurse

    “The Philips solution is more user-friendly than the other system because they are easy and quick to learn, and easy and simple to use. It also has an intuitive design and we can look easily at parameters with different colors”


    Wah Wah Hlaing

    Bahosi Hospital nurse

    “We’ve saved a lot of lives using the defibrillator and I can share one experience with you. There was a female patient whose heart rate was about 200 and above. When that happened, all the audio and visual alarms went off so we ran to the patient and checked her BP. When we did, we saw that the pressure had gone down, her heart rate was too fast, and the waveform indicated a VT run. By then, we called the doctor on standby and used the defibrillator on her and she survived!”


    Wah Wah Hlaing

    Bahosi Hospital nurse

    Efficia CM series patient monitors

    • Time-tested physiological measurements relied on for over 200 million patients every year
    • Reliable Philips Efficia consumables, available in cost-effective bundles or through a delivery service that helps simplify ordering logistics
    • Solidly built and reliable, able to handle heavy workloads, physical knocks and electrostatic interference
    • Ready for plug-and-play connectivity to Philips Efficia central monitoring
    • Built-in HL7 connectivity to interface with hospital information systems
    Efficia CM series patient monitor
    Screen size
    10”/12”/15” Widescreen
    Yes (Optional for some models)
    Remote display
    Alarm indicator
    Visual LED on the front
    Clinical Decision Support
    Multi-Alert Event Review

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