Philips at EuroPCR 2024

14-17 May 2024,
Palais des congrès, Paris

Our solutions support interventional cardiologists in minimising the contrast-load for the patient, and in performing interventional procedures with clarity and confidence, improving cardiac care experiences for staff and patients. We enjoyed connecting with you at EuroPCR 2024 and sharing our innovative interventional cardiology solutions.

Satellite symposium

Ultra-low contrast techniques to improve the safety and quality of PCI in complex and high-risk patients

Discover how ultra-low contrast (ULC) PCI contributes to improve safety and quality of revascularisation of PCI procedures, particularly in complex and high-risk scenarios.

Philips iFR 10 years
increasing adoption of physiology-guided PCI 

20,000+ patients
studied in clinical trials1

We celebrated at EuroPCR 10 years of iFR leading the way in evidence-based practice.

Case in point

Solving challenging PCI with laser atherectomy; the forgotten Swiss knife

What is important when facing complex situations like uncrossable lesions and in-stent restenosis?

Image Learning Centre

Hands-on: IVUS-guided treatment of left main

Why connect with Philips at EuroPCR?

Discover innovative, best in class interventional cardiology solutions and software, with specialised diagnostic and therapeutic devices to support exceptional treatment for even the most complex procedures. Bring clinical confidence and an efficient workflow into the cathlab. 

  • Celebrate 10 years of iFR and improving patient care
  • Visit our booth for a cath lab demonstration 
  • Register to a hands-on workshops
  • Hear from the experts at Philips Training Village

Training room Philips

Learn how imaging, physiology and software tools all come together to clearly identify coronary artery disease and help optimise treatment plans.

Hands-on room Philips

Philips hands-on sessions at EuroPCR. Learn about IVUS image interpretation, iFR preparations, laser applications and more!

Discover our contemporary PCI solutions at EuroPCR

Product availability is subject to country regulatory clearance. Please contact your local sales representative to check availability in your country.

Doctor watching monitor

Ultra-low contrast PCI

Ultra-low contrast PCI is an indispensable toolset in complex coronary interventions and higher-risk patients. Explore the broadest suite of integrated solutions for ultra-low contrast PCI procedures. 

Dynamic coronary

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap

Discover this Philips-exclusive technology that creates motion-compensated, real-time view of coronary arteries, and learn how to reduce contrast agent by 28.8% to enable ultra-low contrast PCI procedures. 

Doctor discussing about Laser system

Philips Laser System

The Philips Laser System allows customers to utilise the proven technology of 308 nm UV light with the large variety of Philips laser catheters for coronary, peripheral vascular and heart rhythm management procedures, in a slimmer, more maneuverable and user-friendly design that is ready at the turn of a key to treat patients as the physicians see fit.

Doctor monitoring report

Image-guided therapy systems for your cath lab

Treat complex coronary artery disease with Philips solutions. From diagnosis to restoring vessel patency, the coronary suite ecosystem is designed to enhance performance  and efficiency today, while serving as your launching pad to the future.

Doctor with monitor

Hemo with IntelliVue X3

Philips Interventional Hemodynamic system (Hemo system) brings advanced hemodynamic measurements to the cath lab to support clinical decision making. Integrated with the state-of-the-art IntelliVue X3 patient monitor and Azurion, this system helps further simplify your cath lab workflow.

Doctor monitoring echo navigator


EchoNavigator automatically fuses live 3D TEE and live X-ray in real time. The solution assists heart teams with intuitive image guidance during procedures where both real-time X-ray and echo imaging are used and fused together.


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