Philips Avent electric breast pumps
Philips Avent electric breast pumps to support breastfeeding


Electric breast pumps for home and work

Maintaining a good milk supply is one of mom's biggest challenges. Our new generation of electric breast pumps are designed to support mothers so they can breastfeed as long as they desire.

Technology inspired by physiology

The ideal breast pump offers moms both physical and emotional comfort. Philips Avent electric breast pumps are designed using technology that's gentle, convenient – and adapts to her individual needs. So mothers can express breast milk for their baby with confidence and ease.

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Natural Motion Technology

Natural Motion Technology is the first technology that stimulates mom’s nipple using gentle massaging movements like baby – in combination with the ideal level of suction – for more comfort and quicker milk flow.

Natural Motion Technology mimics baby's sucking motions

Continuing to breastfeed

Nothing can replace the benefits of nursing directly at the breast. However, there is great value in technology that can support the initiation, establishment and maintenance of mom's milk supply.

Soft, adaptive breast pump cushion fits 99.98% of nipples.

Adapts to every nipple shape

Every mom can feel comfortable with just one cushion, even when her nipple size and shape changes. Our innovative, soft adaptive cushion is designed to fit 99.98% of nipple sizes (up to 30mm).

Quicker milk flow with Philips Avent electric breast pumps.

Quicker milk flow

In our clinical study*, moms evaluated the Philips Avent electric pumps – and gave them a 97% score for overall effectiveness and comfort. Time to milk ejection reflex was significantly reduced, to under 50 seconds.

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How to use our electric breast pumps

We designed our electric breast pumps to be intuitive to assemble and easy to use. But sometimes it's easier to see it in action. Take a look as we show steps from cushion placement to cleaning to recharging.



What makes our Electric Breast Pump unique?

Natural Motion Technology

Mimics baby's sucking motions.

Using a combination of nipple stimulation and gentle suction for more comfort and quicker milk let down.

Comfortable fit

Adapts to mom's unique nipple shape and size.

Our soft, collapsing shield adapts to 99.98% of nipple sizes (up to 30mm), for comfort and confidence.

Ease of use

Sit upright while pumping. No need to lean forward.

The compact, lightweight design was created especially so moms can sit comfortably while pumping.

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Effective electric breast pumps that score 97% with lactating moms*

Breast pump decision tree

How to choose the right breast pump, with flow chart decision assistance

White paper

Performance study of the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump




*Based on product clinical trial (n=40) conducted in the Netherlands, 2019, compared to results of previous product version.

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