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Philips Avent manual, electric and wearable breast pumps


Discover our pumps that adapt to mom

Philips Avent manual breast pump with soft, adaptive cushion

For on-the-go

Our manual pump lets mom sit upright. The active silicone funnel stimulates like baby, and the soft cushion adapts to all nipple shapes and sizes.

Philips Avent electric breast pumps with adaptive cushion

At home and work

Personalized electric pumping with 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels. With our soft, adaptive cushion and tactile stimulation.

Philips Avent, healthcare professional and breastfeeding mom

Helping mothers breastfeed as long as they like

Every feed with breastmilk is beneficial for baby. Our range of breast pumps support breastfeeding for longer, as they help stimulate milk production, maintain levels of milk production – and let other family members share in baby's feeding routine.

Philips Avent adaptive cushion based on mom-child physiology

Innovations based on human physiology

To develop effective and comfortable breast pumps, we studied mother and child physiology to understand what baby does at the breast – and how that triggers milk let-down. We also created a membrane that adapts to mom's changing nipple and breast size.

Philips Avent, Natural Motion Technology tactile stimulation

Technology that stimulates like baby

Natural Motion Technology is at the heart of all our breast pumps – combining suction with tactile nipple stimulation by means of compression. To help mothers achieve quicker milk flow than with conventional suction-only breast pumps.

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Effective electric breast pumps that score 97% with lactating moms*

Breast pump decision tree

How to choose the right breast pump, with flow chart decision assistance

White paper

Performance study of the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump


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