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Philips secures a number of patents and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) thanks to its substantial investments in R&D. To safeguard and benefit from its IPR, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (IP&S) manages Philips IPR through licensing, brand protection activities, infringement detection projects, business intelligence and counsels the businesses on IPR.

Philips’ IP portfolio currently consists of 71,000 patent rights, 47,000 trademarks,

92,000 design rights and 4,900 domain names. This large IP portfolio is used to support the various sectors of Philips in achieving their business goals. IP&S also enables technologies to be brought to the market quicker, by sharing them with partners through licensing or technology sharing programs.

IP&S participates in the formulation of Formal Standards and Regulations in many technical areas and jurisdictions, in order to safeguard market access for Philips products.

IP&S-India is an integral part of the global IP&S organization actively contributing to activities such as business counselling, patent drafting and prosecution, novelty and validity searching, risk assessment, infringement detection, IP assertion and IP licensing, IP administration and maintenance support, business intelligence and brand protection activities.

Philips IP&S has over 400 IP professionals, 15 offices in 9 countries.

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