Healthcare Innovation Campus

Health Innovation Campus

Innovating for excellence in healthcare

Philips Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) is committed to offering innovative healthcare solutions and services. The centre is focused on reducing risk to life by providing smart and reliable imaging products with low dose radiation for enhanced patient safety. From disease prevention to screening and diagnosis through to treatment, developing technologies to predict product/systems failure is the core mission of Philips HIC.

The entire process from product innovation and conceptualisation to technology transfer and marketing of solutions is carried out at HIC Pune - products innovated and manufactured at HIC have been launched in both Indian and global markets. The centre manufactures both interventional and diagnostic X-Ray systems.

Interventional X-Ray Products (IXR)

Philips Allura Centron is a robust interventional X-ray lab designed to handle a variety of procedures at an excellent pace. It is designed for cardiac and EP procedures, but is versatile enough for use in neuro and vascular procedures.
Philips Allura FC is a product that offers an affordable and versatile solution for cardiovascular X-ray interventions. It is customized and designed to help expand the availability of cardiovascular care across the globe. It is an ideal product for small and medium facilities or as a back-up cath lab.

Diagnostic X-Ray Products (DXR)

BV Vectra is a compact system dedicated to orthopedic surgical procedures including trauma, spine, and pain management. It is perfect for visualizing difficult spiral or comminuted fractures and supports the treatment of virtually everything from simple to challenging fractures.

PrimaryDiagnost is an intuitive system designed to offer wide range of diagnostic capabilities. Its compact dimensions ensure that it fits securely into a small room. Its simplicity, robust design and components make for a perfect digital radiography solution.

Since its inception, HIC Pune has the above four global products: Allura FC, Allura Centron, BV Vectra and Primary Diagnost. The teams of experts and best-in-class talent from top educational institutes work closely together to bridge the gap between better technology and actual clinical needs. A key goal at HIC is to reduce risk to life through predictive maintenance. In this context, HIC is developing technologies using Big Data to predict system failure and reduce risk to life.

HIC Pune is one of the six global Philips’ facilities devoted to manufacturing healthcare technology. In a recent development, the Mobile Surgery interventional X-Ray Systems (MoS) global headquarters will be institutionalized in HIC to provide greater synergies and secure market leadership in India and emerging economies