Website resources for midwives and parents

Website resources for midwives and parents

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Looking for information, or a handy link to share with parents - or a key organizations? We've collected relevant website links for your convenience. 

Philips Avent Academy stands side-by-side with midwives and health care professionals - with the goal of sharing experiences and information relevant to the first 1000 days of life. To support your work (and make life a little easier), we have collected our favorite websites, and posted the links here. 

Topics range from breastfeeding to professional organizations of interest to midwives. We also include links that you may want to share with parents. As we discover new sources of information, they will be added here. To ensure that you have easy access to a world of information. 

Links about breastfeeding


WHO - World Health Organization

Fact sheets, guidelines, databases and more about breastfeeding


Recent articles and documents

La Leche League International

Resources and a global network of support

International Baby Food Action Network

Resources and a global network of support

World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

Advocacy, empowerment and tools

Links for professional organizations


International Confederation of Midwives

International Lactation Consultant Association

Links of interest to parents


European Foundation for the care of newborn infants

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