Perfect eyebrows– in 5 steps

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Never underestimate the power of your brows: they frame your face, balance your features and express your emotions at lightning speed. Whether you prefer to tidy them up, let them run wild and free, or if you go for the full reshape, this guide to perfect eyebrows will help you capitalise on your eyebrow growth and have them looking their best. Find out which eyebrow shape suits your face, how to trim eyebrows properly and the best tips for plucking eyebrows without the hassle. 

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Choose the right eyebrow shape to suit your face

Before you dive into reshaping or plucking eyebrows, think about the eyebrow shape you are aiming for. You should work with your existing eyebrow shape as much as possible to keep them looking natural on your face, but bear these ideal face and eyebrow shape pairings in mind before you begin:

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1. Gently curved brows are perfect for heart-shaped faces. If your chin is the tip of the heart at the bottom, your brows can be the curved rims at the top.

2. An oval face profits from strong, defined eyebrows that help make your eyes the centre of attention.

3. If you have a round face, wide, curved brows with a high arch can make it appear longer.

4. To balance out a long face, flat, horizontal brow lines are ideal. They are also suitable for square faces.
5. If you want to balance prominent facial features, try shaping your brows with a slight curve to help soften features. 

How to trim eyebrows

Next stop: trimming the length of your brows. First, comb your hair against the hair growth and then trim any hairs that stick out longer than the others to create a uniform length. If you’re not sure how to trim eyebrows, the perfect tool for this is the Touch-up pen trimmer. This practical eyebrow trimmer has a comb attachment that allows you to evenly trim your hair to 2mm or 4mm lengths.

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Quick-fix: correct your brows with an eyebrow trimmer

If you’re in a hurry or on the go and don’t have time for plucking or waxing, use the Touch-up pen trimmer for shaping your brows. It is battery-operated and fits perfectly into your purse, so it’s quick and easy to remove stray brow hairs on the go. Eyebrow growth sometimes has a mind of its own. The pen trimmer is ideal for picking up any rogue hairs around the forehead quickly and accurately. 

Waxing or plucking eyebrows ¬– for long-lasting results 

Waxing and plucking eyebrows achieve long-lasting results when it comes to eyebrow shaping. The advantage of waxing is that you can quickly shape the edge of a brow in one swipe, especially useful if you are aiming to flatten a curved brow. Simply apply the edge of a wax strip (hot wax isn’t recommended for the brow area), to the desired section of brow and remove in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remember that hair won’t grow back for 2-3 weeks, so accuracy is key here. 

If you want to define the shape of your brows with more detail, plucking eyebrows to remove single hairs on your eyebrows is a more precise method. The precision pincers that come with the Touch-up pen trimmer enable you to shape the edges of your eyebrows in a targeted way. 


Whichever method you go for, a good tip is to first trace your desired shape with an eyebrow pencil so you don’t remove too many hairs. Getting perfect eyebrows has never been this simple!

Add the finishing touches to eyebrow

After waxing or plucking eyebrows, don’t forget to treat them to a cooling gel. It calms the skin and closes the pores.


To disguise gaps or make your eyebrows look fuller, use a brow pencil. You can get these in any hair colour to draw in hairs where you want them. For a natural-looking effect, apply this in small flicks to look like real hairs among your natural ones or over any gaps. 


Afterwards, you can use a transparent brow gel to comb your perfect eyebrows smoothly.

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