How to get silky-smooth legs 

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The dream of silky-smooth legs with healthy, soft, stubble-free skin is closer than you might think. Leg hair removal doesn’t have to mean dry or irritated skin; it can be easy, effective and long-lasting with the right know-how. Here you’ll discover how to have smooth legs and find the best leg depilation method for you.
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Grab it at the root: leg waxing, sugaring and epilating

Wondering how to have smoother legs for longer? Waxing, sugaring and epilating are methods of leg hair removal that take the hair out along with the root. Before regrowth, new roots have to be formed first. For you, this means two to three weeks of smooth, soft legs! But leg waxing and sugaring are not without their risks. As wax and sugar paste are applied directly to the skin, the top layer of the skin can be damaged during leg hair removal. 


A gentler leg depilation alternative is epilation. The Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator uses ceramic discs that rotate at a greater speed than ever to pluck out hairs. It’s also ideal for use in the bath or shower, making for more comfortable epilation. Plus, it includes a skin stretcher cap that automatically holds your skin taut while you epilate, for immaculate results.


Tips: Make epilating even more comfortable by soaking your skin in a warm shower and exfoliate gently before epilation to guard against ingrown hairs. The Wet & Dry epilator is cordless with an anti-slip grip, making it perfect for use in the bath or the shower. Epilate slowly, moving against the direction of hair growth.


With all these options for how to get rid of leg hair, you’ll easily find a method that works for you. Then, you can kick back and enjoy soft, silky-smooth legs whenever you like!

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Satinelle Advanced

Wet & Dry epilator


Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator

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The classic: leg hair removal by shaving

Want to know how to get rid of leg hair in a flash? Shaving is a popular choice because it’s quick and easy to shave away unwanted hair as part of your shower routine. But because your leg hair then grows back after a day or two, maintaining your silky-smooth legs means frequent shaving – and that can irritate your skin.


To protect your skin from irritation and scratches when you shave, try using an electric shaver like the SatinShave Essential Wet & Dry electric shaver. Its hypoallergenic foil prevents irritation or rashes. Plus, the anti-slip grip makes it easy to use in or out of the shower, so it fits effortlessly into any routine.


Tip: For the best results, make sure that you keep the shaving head in full contact with your skin. Work slowly upwards from the ankle to the knee, against the direction of hair growth. 

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