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Digital radiography solutions


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Experience premium digital radiography productivity, with high performance rooms and flexible rooms right through to a cutting edge emergency set-up. Choose the configuration suited to your applications, workflow and budget.

Flexible set-ups || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

Flexible set-ups to fit your needs

All our scalable premium DR set-ups options are designed to fit your financial capacity and clinical needs. Enhance your financial stability by choosing a single detector or multi-detector solution depending on your patient volumes and clinical procedures. This system features a table and a vertical stand with a tray for the wireless portable detector to fit different room layouts.
Eleva user interface || Efficient procedures

Eleva user interface to simplify workflow

The touchscreen design and intuitive layout of the Eleva user interface is ideally suited to busy facilities with a high workload. The pre-settings and customized user profiles result in more automated workflow, with images available in just six seconds. Clinical image thumbnails and intuitive image manipulation allow exams to be quickly finalized.
Flexible positioning || Enhanced patient comfort

Flexible positioning to enhance patient comfort

During the procedure, staff may enhance comfort for patients through ergonomic components, like the intuitive tube control as part of our ceiling suspension. Fixed and moveable vertical stands and flexible tables support comfortable positioning.
High performance room || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

High performance room offers the power of premium DR

The high performance room comes with our exclusive moveable vertical stand and integrated wireless portable detector in the table tray to support a high patient throughput.
UNIQUE image processing || Efficient procedures

UNIQUE image processing for consistent image quality

UNIQUE image processing software provides outstanding, consistent images for all anatomical areas. From image acquisition to reading and printing, UNIQUE optimizes every link of the imaging chain to produce outstanding clinical images and support rapid, streamlined procedures.
Flex room || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

Flex room to increase flexibility of premium DR

The flex room has our exclusive one detector system geometry to support traditional two detector system applications even in small rooms.
Value room || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

Value room to increase utilization of premium DR

Value room with a wireless portable detector and wireless trays in the vertical stand and table for affordable premium radiography.
Emergency room || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

Emergency room offers premium DR to support emergency care

The emergency room eliminates traditional X-ray equipment by using the wireless portable detector in conjunction with the ceiling suspension for critical work.
Chest room || Tailor-made solutions to fit c

Chest room - premium DR dedicated to chest exams

The chest room with vertical stand and ceiling suspension supports dedicated chest exams. The room can also be used as a versatile musculoskeletal radiography room to perform spine, skull, and other extremity exams.