How to grow Anchor beard

This suave beard style has weathered many a perfect storm. The Anchor Beard is a far more stylish look than you’ll find on the average salty dog. It’s the type of beard grooming style you’ll see on the catwalk long before you see it on the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow. This is a beard grooming style that takes a bit of skill to get right. It’s a careful blend of Chinstrap, Goatee and the Handlebar mustache. All of which are shaped to perfection until they resemble a ship’s anchor. The Anchor Beard is a daring look, and is best hoisted on a square or oblong face – where it won’t sink anyone’s chances of a good impression.

1. Get a good start by giving yourself a nice even trim with a full-size beard trimmer, about 3-5mm all around. Use a longer setting on the beard hairs around your mouth and on your chin.

2. Now use a precision beard trimmer to create a neat border where your neck meets your chin.

3. Still using your precision trimmer, find the points 3 inches from either side of your chin and draw the border of your Goatee.

4. Now define the upper edges of the Goatee you’ve created, and sculpt the whiskers between your bottom lip and chin into a rectangular shape.

5. Define the beard style by carefully shaving the whiskers from the corner of your lips down to your chin hairs with a mini foil shaver. Make sure not to touch the hairs that run from the center of your lip to your chin.

6. Use your beard trimmer to shape the goatee into a rounded point – experiment with the length using the zoom wheel.

7. Your mustache should also be the right length to shape. Use your precision trimmer to carve a part in the middle. Then use wax to train the whiskers out, twisting the edges so the tips curl outward.

8. Keep your cheeks and neck cleanly shaven with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. A mini foil shaver is ideal for shaving tighter areas.

Styling/maintenance of the Anchor Beard look
Don’t let this look sail away from you – keep your Anchor Beard in place with regular trims, shaves and daily grooming with wax.