How to create an original goatee

Everything you need to rock the best Goatee possible.

The Goatee is everywhere, from Hollywood to your local high street, and there's a good reason for its popularity. It's about the smallest beard you can grow (not counting the Soul Patch). In fact, its almost a 'starter beard' (which you can extend into a Full Goatee - aka Circle Beard - at a later stage). You can practice trimming it, shaving it into slightly different shapes, and pulling at it a bit with your fingers when you want to indicate puzzlement. As boys' toys go, it's easier to acquire than most, and it doesn't need batteries. Enjoy!

1. Comb your beard downwards, set your beard trimmer to 3-5mm, and trim your beard and mustache area evenly all over.

2. Using your beard trimmer without the comb, remove the rest of your mustache and beard, except for a small section underneath (and a bit wider than) your mouth

3. Set your precision trimmer to 1-2mm. Trim a line on your chin 5mm from the corner of your lip on each side, and connect this line below the jawbone.

4. Curve a line around your Soul Parch on each side.

5. Finish the job off by using a rotary shaver on everything that´s not part of your Original Goatee.