Spectral CT 7500
    Photo of clinician and patient with Philips Spectral CT 7500 system

    New Philips Spectral CT 7500

    It’s not just CT.
    It’s spectral results without compromise.

    New Spectral CT 7500 is your fast, always on, low-dose path to precision diagnosis for a wide range of patients.

    It’s the spectral CT you’ve been waiting for

    With advances in cardiac imaging and zero compromise scanning, Spectral CT 7500 supports imaging that's first time right.

    Philips Spectral CT 7500 trailer video

    It’s not just a CT scanner.
    It’s the future.

    Photo of technologist reviewing CT clinical images on a monitor

    Simple workflow with spectral results 100% of the time

    Spectral is always on, so every scan offers both conventional and 100% spectral results.

    Photo of clinician setting up a scan at the CT scanner’s gantry, with the patient on the CT system’s patient table

    More types of patients

    Expand cardiac and ED/trauma capabilities, and open up new possibilities in interventional and radiation oncology procedures.

    Spectral-detector CT clinical image

    Fast time to diagnosis

    Routine scans with detector-based spectral CT have demonstrated 34% shorter time to diagnosis.*

    Philips Spectral CT 7500 system 2021 launch event

    Day One with Spectral CT 7500 


    This is the day that colleagues from around the globe got their first look at Spectral CT 7500. They learned how image quality, dose and workflow come together for results that are always available on demand, even retrospectively, to help speed diagnostic certainty.

    Explore Spectral CT 7500

    Take a tour, just click the blue circles to discover some of the things that set Spectral CT 7500 apart.

    Philips Spectral CT 7500 system with callouts to spectral detector, patient table, 80 cm bore, gantry touch-panel control

    Explore Spectral CT 7500

    Discover some of the things that set Spectral CT 7500 apart.

    Philips Spectral CT 7500 system
    The Philips Spectral CT 7500 features a 80cm bore

    80 cm bore

    Bore size easily accommodates patients from pediatric to bariatric for a range of scanning, from ER/trauma to oncology to cardiac and interventional.

    The Philips Spectral CT 7500 features a gantry touch-panel control

    Gantry touch-panel control

    Convenient touch panels offer multi-directional control and can be configured to suit your needs.

    Spectral detector

    Spectral detector

    Only spectral-detector CT has the ability to simultaneously distinguish between X-ray photons of high and low energies in the same time and space, offering spectral scanning with zero compromise.

    The Philips Spectral CT 7500 features a high-performance patient table

    High-performance patient table

    Features a 2,100 mm scannable range, accommodates up to 675 lbs (306 kg) and provides a low table height for easy access.

    Discover the difference that spectral-detector CT makes

    Now you can easily have both the “where things are” of conventional CT combined with the “what things are” revealed by spectral-detector data. Layers of rich spectral data improve tissue characterization and visualization, and may reduce the need for follow-up scanning for sub-optimal exams and incidental findings.

    Conventional CT Spectral-detector CT
    Spectral myths and facts

    Think you know all about spectral CT? Think again.

    The truth about spectral CT may surprise you. See the top six misconceptions and the real story of detector-based spectral CT.

    See what Spectral CT 7500 could mean for your organization

    Connect to a specialist to see if spectral-detector CT is right for you.

    More from the world of spectral-detector CT

    Photo of Philips Spectral CT 7500 system

    Learn more about Spectral CT 7500

    Photo of clinician and patient with spectral-detector CT system

    Discover the difference of spectral-detector technology

    Cover of product brochure for Philips Spectral CT 7500 system

    Spectral CT 7500 product brochure

    Photo of clinicians conferring about CT results on a computer monitor

    Discover all CT solutions

    *Economic impact of IQon for patients with renal insufficiency. White paper. Philips.

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