Image-guided therapy

Image-guided therapy

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Philips is the leader in image-guided therapy, providing integrated solutions that advance minimally invasive procedures. We help healthcare providers to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right care in real time during the procedure to enable better outcomes for each patient and at population level.


Working together with clinicians, we use our comprehensive portfolio of interventional imaging systems, smart devices, software and services to treat one patient every second worldwide.


Together with health providers we optimize care delivery, reduce total costs, and help clinicians treat patients better so they can get back faster to the lives they love.

Image guided intervention

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  • Interventional X-ray

    Interventional X-ray

    Philips Interventional X-ray solutions help you provide minimally invasive treatment. Learn how our Live Image Guidance helps enhance patient treatment.

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  • Interventional Devices & Therapies

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I envision a time when all surgical procedures will be done through minimally invasive treatment, supported by intelligent imaging systems and devices.”

Bert van Meurs

Business Group Leader, Philips Image Guided Therapy

Bert van Meurs

Image Guided Therapy news and blogs

Philips expands its Image-Guided Therapy portfolio with the acquisition of EPD Solutions


To further strengthen Philips’ businesses through targeted acquisitions, the company acquired EPD Solutions, an innovator that has developed a breakthrough technology for image-guided treatments for cardiac arrhythmia.


EPD’s cardiac imaging and navigation system helps electrophysiologists navigate the heart by generating a detailed 3D image of the cardiac anatomy, while also pinpointing the location and orientation of catheters during the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for cardiac arrhythmias. This breakthrough technology has the potential to simplify navigation and treatment, immediately assess the treatment result and ultimately enhance procedure efficacy. 


  • Azurion


    Azurion is the new-generation image guided therapy platform that allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab performance and provide superior care.

  • Clinical suites

    Clinical suites

    With the increasing number of patients and diseases with specific complexities, the need for better forms of image guidance and interventional devices becomes clear. Philips clinical suites offer a flexible portfolio of integrated technologies, devices and services.

  • Surgery Pulse

    Surgery Pulse

    Philips digital hub shares insights and experiences in surgical imaging to help medical teams improve surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

Clinical proof

The ability to treat one more patient per day today, or in the future


This is just one of the many improvements in lab performance achieved by the Interventional Vascular Department at St. Antonius Hospital after installing the Philips Azurion system. This first Azurion lab performance study achieved impressive results which have been verified by an independent third party.

St. Antonius Hospital Azurion

iFR Outcome Data


New data from the DEFINE FLAIR study was presented during a late-breaking session at ACC 2018. These results show that an iFR-guided strategy is more cost effective than an FFR-guided strategy, with a 10% cost reduction per patient resulting in an average savings of $896 through 1-year follow-up.¹

iFR Outcome data
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  1. Patel M. “Cost-effectiveness of instantaneous wave-Free Ratio (iFR) compared with Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) to guide coronary revascularization decision-making.” Late-breaking Clinical Trial presentation at ACC on March 10, 2018.