Contrast enhanced

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Ultrasound contrast agents can transform the role of ultrasound, allowing clinicians to study the enhancement patterns of liver lesions in real time, providing faster and more definitive diagnoses.

With Philips ultrasound, contrast enhanced ultrasound is seamlessly integrated into the standard workflow, providing exceptional detail throughout arterial, portal, and late phase scanning.  Additionally, with advanced technologies such as MaxVue, PureWave C9-2 transducer, fusion Imaging and integrated quantification via Philips Q-Apps, maximum confidence and the ultimate liver solution becomes a reality even in the most challenging exams.
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CEUS Training Course


Led by Dr. Stephanie Wilson, June 17th 2017


Philips is excited to sponsor this new upcoming course focusing on Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound.

Click here for more details or contact your local Philips representative for more information.

Customer stories

Philips is excited to be part of helping healthcare providers change lives with new imaging innovations that support CEUS procedures.

Solving complex clinical questions

Professor Dirk-André Clevert of University Hospital, Munich, relies on Philips for contrast enhanced imaging of the abdomen.


Read the customer story

Podcast: Dr Fontanilla discusses CEUS in practice

Dr Teresa Fontanilla, MD, PhD, from Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain speaks about her experience with CEUS imaging on Philips ultrasound.

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