Neuro Spine Surgery

Xper XperCT

3D reconstruction software

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Philips XperCT 3D reconstruction software brings CT-like imaging to interventional systems. You can assess soft tissue, bone structure, stent deployment, and tumor feeders. You can also use it to help avoid structures during procedures.

Hi-res 3D images four times faster || KBA 1

Hi-res 3D images four times faster

XperCT Dual is a new version of XperCT, which allows two scans to be made on the Allura system at a defined interval. High resolution, high contrast images are reconstructed four times faster to support fast decisions during procedures
Versatile interventional tool || Supports confident decisions

Versatile interventional tool supports various procedures

Provides CT-like images to support diagnosis, planning, interventions, and follow up. XperCT can be used with Philips Allura 3D-RA to visualize soft tissue and vascular anatomy on one image. It can also be used with Philips XperGuide option for live needle guidance anywhere in the body.
Advanced acquisition protocols || Faster procedures, lower X-ray

Advanced acquisition protocols for neuro and body

Philips XperCT uses the Allura Xper FD20’s rotational angiography feature to acquire the images. Advanced acquisition protocols support neuro and body applications, delivering high-quality 3D reconstructions in less than a minute. By default, acquisition is at maximum field of view, but you can switch to collimation to reduce the X-dose and reconstruction time.
Acquire 3D data sets at two moments || KBA 2

Acquire 3D data sets at two moments

The DualPhase acquisition allows two 3D data sets to be acquired with a defined delay between them. This can be useful, for instance, to acquire the arterial and post-arterial contrast enhancement in oncologic interventions.
3D visualization || Versatile 3D visualization

3D visualization for slice and volume viewing

The image data can be visualized as a regular CT image with 3D volume viewing in any orientation. Other 3D features include slice viewing in any orientation and at any slice thickness from 0.5 mm up. Cut-plane functionality provides information on anatomical structure. A unique Reconstructive Zoom Technique is available for high-resolution applications.
Compare two XperCT Dual volumes || KBA 3

Compare two XperCT Dual volumes

The DualView functionality allows two 3D data sets acquired at different times of the procedure to be displayed side-by-side. In this DualView, XperCT Dual allows the parallel assessment of the two phases of the procedure.
Reduces metal artifacts || KBA4

Reduces metal artifacts

XperCT Dual provides an unique Metal Artifact Reduction filter, which significantly reduces the scattering artifacts in XperCT Dual images that can result from visualization around metal implants, coils, or stainless steel stents.
Assess soft tissue and bone structure || KBA4

Assess soft tissue and bone structure

Physicians can use the CT-like images of XperCT Dual to assess soft tissue, bone structure, and stent deployment before, during, and after interventional procedures. This aids in avoiding structures and identifying feeder vessels.
Multimodality overlays for more insig... || KBA4

Multimodality overlays for more insight

During Live Image Guidance, the 3D reconstructions from XperCT Dual or from other previously acquired data, such MRI, CT, and PET/CT volumes can be overlaid with live fluoroscopy to provide additional anatomical insight.
  • *The DualPhase functionality is available with Allura systems release 8.2 or higher. It allows XperCT to perform two rotational scans with a user defined delay between them.