High resolution soft tissue imaging technology

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VasoCT, a feature of XperCT, helps you identify and assess the size and extent of an occlusion in the case of an ischemic stroke. It helps you carry out treatment as quickly as possible, thus enhancing patient care and quality of life for stroke patients. VasoCT is based on a 3D rotational scan and an intravenous contrast injection, which can be less invasive.

VasoCT visualization || Supports quick diagnosis and t

VasoCT visualization shows vessel structure beyond the clot

By displaying the vessel structure before and after the clot, VasoCT visualizes the location, size, and direction of occlusions in brain vessels. This can lead to quick diagnosis and start of treatment. This is especially important for stroke patients because time is brain, and quick medical attention may lower their risk of disability and death.
Non-invasive tool || Less invasive than intra-arter

Non-invasive tool is fast and cost-effective

The VasoCT visualization is based on a 3D rotational scan made on the AlluraXper system. It uses an intra-venous contrast injection, which is less invasive than a conventional intra-arterial contrast injection.
Advanced treatment support || Opens the way for more ischemi

Advanced treatment support for ischemic stroke

A number of promising new endovascular stroke treatments have recently emerged* that can be carried out on an interventional X-ray system, thereby increasing the number of stroke patients that can be treated. VasoCT is an imaging tool that supports you in the advanced treatment of ischemic stroke in the angio suite.
High resolution soft tissue imaging || Supports quick diagnosis and t

High resolution soft tissue imaging enhances clarity

By applying high resolution soft tissue imaging technology, VasoCT reveals key information about cerebral vascular structures at a high level of detail. These visualizations provide extra support to navigate to and through the occlusion for vessel recanalization.
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