CT For a legacy that lives large: think big

CT Big Bore

For a legacy that lives large: think big

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CT Big Bore is designed as a CT simulator to meet the needs of radiation oncology, focusing on accuracy, patient positioning, imaging performance, and intuitive workflow.

Table Top with Patient Couch
Positional accuracy supports absolute patient marking

Positional accuracy supports absolute patient marking

This system features a true 60 cm Scan Field of View (SFOV) which provides consistent HU integrity across the FOV and fits the girth of most patients. It provides a spatial positioning accuracy of less than 2 mm between the CT imaging plane and the laser marking plane to support positional accuracy. This meets the AAPM TG 66 guidelines.
Pulmonary Toolkit for Oncology with Amplitude Binning
4D CT Motion Management

4D CT Motion Management

The Pulmonary Toolkit for oncology provides flexibility to meet your clinical needs by offering three acquisition modes as well as phase and amplitude binning methods in order to evaluate target and organ motion and aid in clinical decisions regarding patient positioning and gated treatment delivery.
85 cm patient aperture

Flexibility for even complex simulation setups

The large patient aperture can reduce setup time during patient handling and setup by providing increased flexibility when positioning the patient.
iDose⁴ and OMAR

The Power of two

O-MAR reduces artifacts caused by large orthopedic implants. iDose⁴ improves image quality through noise reduction and improvements in spatial resolution. Together they produce high image quality with reduced artifacts.
Tumor LOC

CT simulation tools for accurate and efficient patient marking on console

The Tumor LOC application provides the tools to perform isocenter localization for patient marking and fast simulations for increased productivity and improved radiation oncology workflow.
Scan to Scan consistency

Scan to Scan consistency

Philips iPatient is an advanced platform that puts you in control of your CT system today, while preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow.  This allows you to plan the results, not the acquisition.  It also gives you confidence and consistency 24/7.
  • * Improved image quality as defined by improvements in spatial resolution and/or noise reduction as measured in phantom studies.