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The IntelliVue Telemetry System uses Smart-hopping technology, adapted from a voice communications protocol, to maintain strong connections between the central station and telemetry devices. For a scalable system and quality connections.

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Hospital-wide coverage || Stable connection

Hospital-wide coverage

IntelliVue Smart-hopping allows several users to share the same frequency by dividing the signal into different time slots, supporting a capacity of up to 1024 devices.
Frequency switching || Stable connection

Frequency switching keeps devices connected at all times

With Smart-hopping technology, a transceiver will change frequencies only to dodge interference of when it finds a stronger signal.
Efficient bandwidth usage || Scalable system

Efficient bandwidth usage allows for many simultaneous users

IntelliVue Smart-hopping network is a shared wireless infrastructure for IntelliVue bedside and patient worn monitors, providing two-way communication between IntelliVue devices and the IntelliVue Information Center. It coexists with 802.11 networks and UHF telemetry systems, and is scalable to support up to 1,024 devices.
Deterministic roaming for peak perfor... || Scalable system

Deterministic roaming for peak performance

IntelliVue Smart-hopping determines when and where to roam, considering retry errors and signal strength to deliver excellent performance.
Intelligent radio provides a “smart h... || Scalable system

Intelligent radio provides a “smart hop”

IntelliVue Smart-hopping is based on a cognitive radio signal which “hops” to a new frequency and time slot when interference is detected, providing excellent signal-to-noise performance.
Enhanced confidentiality || Scalable system

Enhanced confidentiality of patient data

IntelliVue Smart-hopping uses a proprietary protocol and avoids transmission of patient identifiers across the wireless interface, helping to keep patient information confidential.
Bi-directional communication || Scalable system

Bi-directional communication for extra functionality

IntelliVue Smart-hopping features bi-directional communication to allow clinical features such as “Find Device,” “Device Location,” and “Control Clinical Measurements” to enhance clinical functionality of IntelliVue patient monitors.