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IntelliVue Smart-hopping Network

Wireless network

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The proprietary IntelliVue Smart-hopping WMTS Network operates in the 1.4 GHz band, providing bidirectional communication between IntelliVue devices and the Patient Information Center.

Frequency switching || Stable connection

Frequency switching keeps devices connected at all times

With Smart-hopping technology, a transceiver will change frequencies only to dodge interference of when it finds a stronger signal.
Efficient bandwidth usage || Scalable system

Efficient bandwidth usage allows for many simultaneous users

IntelliVue Smart-hopping network is a shared wireless infrastructure for IntelliVue bedside and patient worn monitors, providing two-way communication between IntelliVue devices and the IntelliVue Information Center. It coexists with 802.11 networks and UHF telemetry systems, and is scalable to support up to 1,024 devices.