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Ingenia MR-OR

Intraoperative magnetic resonance system

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Save precious time by verifying surgery -- Obtain fast intraoperative MR results with smooth and quick patient transfer during neurosurgery procedures to support surgical decision making. The dual-room MR-OR allows regular diagnostic use of the MR system when not in use for intraoperative imaging.

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FlexTrak OR patient transfer system || Fast and smooth patient transf

FlexTrak OR patient transfer system

Obtain fast intra-operative MRI results using Ingenia's smooth and quick transfer of patients in the dual-room MR-OR.
dStream || Obtain superb image quality


Get Ingenia’s premium MR image quality and high accuracy for neuronavigation with full MR diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, benefit from Ingenia's large field-of-view, superb homogeneity and excellent geometric accuracy.
Dual room MR-OR || Increase economic value

Dual room MR-OR

By connecting your neurosurgery OR to an MRI system, you can increase your MR utilization and enhance patient care. The MRI system can be used for regular diagnostic imaging when it is not being used for intra-operative imaging.
Three surgical workspots || Fast and smooth patient transf

Three surgical workspots

The Ingenia MR-OR solution offers three surgical workspots to support neurosurgery procedures: in the OR, within arm's reach in the MR system, and at the back of the MR system.
Triple-room OR-MR-OR || Increase economic value

Triple-room OR-MR-OR

Philips MR-OR solution features front docking and rear-docking capabilities. So you can connect two ORs to the MR room. This triple-room OR-MR-OR solution enables more flexibility in patient scheduling and increases MR utilization.
Options in head frame and coil select... || Increase economic value

Options in head frame and coil selection

The Ingenia MR-OR offers flexibility in head frame and coil packages to fit different budgets and clinical needs.


MRI system
MRI system
Field strengths
  • 1.5 and 3.0 T
Xtend Magnet System
Xtend Magnet System
Open bore diameter
  • 70 cm