Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T CX

Accelerate patient throughput with a simplified Breeze workflow

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Support your clinical decisions by leveraging our imaging solutions built on proven dStream digital broadband technology, present in over 2000 installations worldwide. Accelerate patient throughput with a simplified Breeze Workflow. An intuitive user interface enhanced by highly guided and standardized examination procedures helps you perform routine MRI exams from day one. And with low installation and siting expenses, continuous uptime support and easy upgrades, you can continue to enhance your possibilities.

  • 1. Based on internal study comparing workflow with Achieva.
  • 2. Based on an internal study comparing workflow in a mix of brain, spine, MSK and body applications with the Achieva MR system.
  • 3. Dependent on contract entitlement and local availability.
  • 4. Normal operation is defined as typical scanning performed with uninterrupted availability of electricity, magnet cooling and excluding service actions.
  • 5. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.
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