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Angiography alone

Angiography alone is  not enough

Philips intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging offers advanced visualization that enables you to tailor your treatment for every patient. Get the answers not apparent from angiography alone by using IVUS in your treatment strategy.
Philips IVUS helps you

Philips IVUS helps you:

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Decide the best therapy option
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Guide pre-stent planning
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Confirm and optimize treatment results

Discover how Philips IVUS benefits your treatment plans in peripheral and coronary interventions.

Philips IVUS catheters

Eagle Eye Platinum

Eagle Eye Platinum

Eagle Eye Platinum St

Eagle Eye Platinum ST†

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Vision PV 014P

Visions PV .014P RX††

Visions PV 018

Visions PV .018††

Visions PV 035

Visions PV .035††

Pioneer Plus

Pioneer Plus††

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Reimbursement and coding resources

† IVUS catheters for coronary applications

†† IVUS catheters for peripheral applications