How to grow a short beard

Preparation for a short bearded look
Give yourself a nice even trim, to around 3-5mm. Extra tip: Be a gentleman while you grow out your Short Beard: keep your unruly neck hair under control, with regular shaves.

When your beard has grown to between 5-12mm (shorter for darker and denser hair, longer for light-colored and/or finer growth) it’s time to shape and trim your beard. Use your beard trimmer with the beard comb at the 3rd to 5th length setting, depending how short you want your short beard to be. Extra tip: a beard trimmer with a zoom wheel is even more precise. Start with a longer length if you’re not sure–you can always trim down.

Pay special attention to how you trim your mustache: you want a nice, smooth line around your mouth. Use a precision trimmer to define the border. Optional: use a mini foil shaver to create extra definition and clean up smaller areas.
Shave around your Short Beard with a rotary shaver–using a gentle, circular motion–especially on the cheeks and neck, to maintain a clean fresh look.

Styling/maintenance of the Short Beard

Trim your beard every other day to stay looking sharp.


Get Shorty!

The Short Beard is all about patience and constant maintenance: to get it – and keep it – looking suave you have to take care of your Short Beard.


Let’s be clear here. The Short Beard is a real beard, it’s not just unkempt stubble. Think George Clooney NOT crazy-eyed Joaquin Pheonix. One look says, “I am a man who cares about my appearance” – the other clearly does not.


A Short Beard hugs the face without hiding its shape. This beard works best on those with square or oblong faces.