Bottle feeding

The more personalized way to bottle feed

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Bottle feeding

Bottles to fit baby’s growing needs


Since the launch of our first infant feeding bottle in 1984, Philips Avent has been working with leading scientists and healthcare professionals to understand the physiology of breastfeeding so we can develop products that reflect the way babies feed naturally. Our ranges of bottles include clinically proven features such as the anti-colic valve system that significantly reduces fussing1 and colic2, and the Natural teat that more closely mimics drink from the breast.


Bottles are complementary to breastfeeding. Mothers have the choice to combine breastfeeding and feeding breast milk from a bottle, combine breastfeeding and formula feeding, naturally wean their baby, or exclusively bottle-feed. Whatever their choice, Philips Avent bottles (in conjunction with breast pumps) are designed to offer support at every stage, from newborn to 6+ months, from hospital to home. 


You can recommend Philips Avent bottles with confidence.