Visit the Philips Customer Experience Center

    The Philips Customer Experience Center is a ‘vibrant’ multifunctional environment where we want to learn about your challenges, inspire you with new perspectives, share potential solutions, and connect with you to explore next steps. We do this through programs tailored to your needs that can include guided experience tours, co-create workshops, ‘behind the scenes’ visits, and by connecting you with experts from Philips and partners from our clinical reference sites.

    Explore our virtual Customer Experience Center

    Tour map
    Number 1

    Welcome lobby

    Number 2

    Philips Live! forum

    Number 3

    Healthy living and prevention

    Number 4

    Diagnosis – emergency care

    Number 5

    Diagnosis – diagnostic X-ray

    Number 6

    Diagnosis - ultrasound

    Number 7

    Diagnosis - PET/CT

    Number 8

    Diagnosis - magnetic resonance

    Number 9

    Diagnosis - computed tomography

    Number 9

    Treatment - image guided therapy

    Number 11

    Treatment - intensive care

    Number 12

    Treatment - mother and child care

    Number 13

    Home care - mother and child care

    Number 14

    Home care - sleep and respiratory care

    Number 15

    Home care - oral and personal health care

    Number 16

    Healthcare informatics

    Number 17

    Co-create room

    Number 18

    Meeting room