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Innovations in radiation treatment planning for prostate cancer


Today's challenging healthcare environment demands that you find new ways to drive clinical performance, enhance the patient experience and deliver economic value for your institution. We tackle these challenges with innovative tools and technologies, such as smart automation and MR-only simulation, to help you improve prostate cancer treatment planning and contribute to better outcomes for the patient.



The challenge of prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Europe for males, and the second most common worlwide. We're working to increase both the quality and efficiency of radiotherapy treatment planning for prostate cancer.


Explore MR-only simulation*

Innovative MR-only simulation by Philips helps you rely on MR as a primary imaging modality for radiotherapy treatment planning for prostate cancer. It is designed to simplify workflow and eliminate cumbersome MR-CT registration.


Discover Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning

Creating IMRT and VMAT plans can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Automation on Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning is designed to simplify and accelerate the complex planning process and put consistent results at your fingertips.

*MR-only simulation is not CE marked.

This material is not for distribution / use in the USA.

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