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Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

If you want more flexibility to deal with capital constraints and rapid changes in your hospital, we offer leasing solutions – diverse funding instruments to make innovative technology accessible and affordable.

  • Use Philips medical equipment and solutions for the duration of their economic life, as opposed to ownership
  • Benefit from flexible repayment structures such as fixed to stepped repayments and pay-per-use agreements
  • Improve your patient care with high performance health technology, while optimizing operational costs and efficiency

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Key benefits of leasing your equipment

  • Healthy cash flow

Make your capital budget go as far as possible to obtain the innovative technology you need with no upfront costs and 4 to 7-year payment plans linked to lifetime of asset


  • Flexibility

Gain options to add new technology without renegotiating a new financing plan while choosing to own or return technology at the end of your contract


  • Convenience

Bundle equipment, maintenance and healthcare services in one economical payment and easily upgrade or acquire new technology by renewing your current lease

Our approach

Choose the payment plan that's right for you


To help address your specific cash flow needs and healthcare goals, we offer fixed and variable plans to lease medical equipment and solutions from Philips.

Fixed payments


Fixed payments


The costs of the medical equipment lease can be divided over the term that matches your fiscal planning with predictable, fixed installments. Payments are usually made monthly but can also be made on a quarterly or biannual basis.

Deferred payments


Deferred payments


Start making fixed payments for the lease after a pre-agreed grace period and benefit from new technology before incurring costs or expenses. This payment plan is therefore an opportunity to generate patient revenues in the short-term without tapping into your budget.

Stepped payments


Stepped payments


Maximize your ROI by aligning payments to deployment phases. Step-up or step-down lease structure fits the staggered implementation of medical equipment and IT projects. Helping you manage incoming and outgoing cash flows effectively and improve patient care.

Pay per use




Part of your lease payment is based on actual usage of the equipment, like pay-per-scan. Below certain volumes, you only pay ‘floor payments’ and above a pre-agreed ‘ceiling’, you can use the technology at no additional costs.

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Why choose Leases with Philips Capital?

We have specialist knowledge of medical technology and clinical workflows, and how new advances can benefit your healthcare facility. Our financial specialists can offer you tailored Leases based on realistic valuations and payment structures to match your individual healthcare delivery needs and cash flow restraints. In addition, we can offer healthcare services to help you build long-term stability, such as consulting and strategic asset management.


Financing models to maximize Lifecycle Investments

See our flexible models that can help you make confident medical equipment investment decisions supported by sound financial advice.

Discover the full spectrum of our financing solutions


Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

Extended Payment Terms 

Acquire Philips health technology now and pay back over time

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