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The Childhood Pneumonia Awareness Campaign

Social Responsibility at Philips India broadly focuses on:

  1. Welfare measures for the community at large including employees and their families, so as to ensure the poorer section of the Society derive the maximum benefits.
  2. Contribution to the society at large by way of social and cultural development, imparting education, training and social awareness especially with regard to the marginalized and vulnerable population for their development.
  3. Protection and safeguard of environment and maintaining ecological balance.

Philips India Childhood Pneumonia Awareness campaign


Pneumonia is a diseases of the lungs responsible for more deaths of children under the age of 5 than any other infectious disease

6 out of 10 Childhood Pneumonia Deaths Are Concentrated In 10 Countries - One Of Them Being India


It is the single largest cause of under 5 death worldwide (16%), more than Malaria, TB and HIV together - Globally 1 in 6 childhood deaths are due to pneumonia. In India, every year 1.5 lakh children under the age of 5 years die due to Pneumonia.

Simple Interventions to prevent and protect children from pneumonia


  • Recognizing danger signs of pneumonia especially breathing pattern and seeking medical care quickly
  • Follow routine immunizations for prevention of pneumonia
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months
  • Safe drinking water, good sanitation and frequent hand washing with soap
  • Good nutrition, especially for children over 6 months of age
  • Improve indoor air quality and maintain cleanliness
  • Consult a doctor at the earliest

Burden of Childhood Pneumonia In India


India has the highest burden of childhood pneumonia in the world – a leading cause of morbidity and mortality of children under 5 years of age. Around 1.5 lakh children lose their life due to pneumonia and 30 million new cases are reported annually. Among children under-five years, pneumonia contributes to nearly a sixth (15%) of all deaths in India, with one child dying from pneumonia every four minutes. Creating awareness leading to reduction of under-five mortality due to Pneumonia is one of the prime goals of Philips.

Why is Philips supporting prevention of Childhood Pneumonia?


  • India ranks amongst the top 10 countries in terms of mortality and morbidity due to Childhood Pneumonia
  • It is a communicable disease that can be easily prevented, diagnosed and treated
  • It is grossly addressed, under diagnosed and under-funded in the global health community
  • It is our contribution towards Sustainable Development Goal #3 and help reduce childhood mortality caused  by Childhood Pneumonia

Our Interventions

  • Global Campaign - driven by Philips Foundation. To know more about it (LINK)
  • Pan India Awareness campaign -  promotion of awareness on diagnosis and prevention of childhood pneumonia through different online and offline media channels
  • On-ground long term CSR project in collaboration with Philips Foundation and Save the Children India