Comfort Manual Breast Pump

Breast Pump for manual use

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This manual breast pump with compact design, wide neck, and ergonomic shape helps mothers fulfill their breastfeeding needs. Now it’s easy to travel, pump, store, and feed.

A practical feeding solution || Breastfeeding

A practical feeding solution

For healthcare professionals, Philips Avent Comfort manual breast pump is an ideal solution to initiate and maintain a breast milk supply for mothers of term and pre-term infants. With a clinically proven ergonomic design and gentle massage cushion, this breast pump is the #1 brand recommended by moms worldwide¹.
Unique, natural expressing position || Breastfeeding

Unique, natural expressing position

This manual breast pump has a unique compact breast shield design and a short angled funnel. Mothers can sit in a comfortable position when expressing. Unlike other breast pumps, mothers can sit in a relaxed, upright position when expressing, while milk flows directly into the container.
Ergonomic shape for fingertip control || Breastfeeding

Ergonomic shape for fingertip control

The Comfort manual breast pump is compact with an ergonomically shaped handle for effortless fingertip control. This allows mothers to keep a tight seal on the breast, making pumping easier. The vacuum level is easily controlled by one hand.
Pump mimics infant suckling behavior || Breastfeeding

Pump mimics infant suckling behavior

By combining breast compression with gentle suction, the pump is designed to mimic the infant’s suckling behavior. It features our clinically proven massage cushion with soft petals that gently compress the breast to stimulate milk flow. This innovative cushion has a distinctive, velvety texture that feels warm on the breast, further helping mothers to relax while expressing.
Pump, store, feed all in one || Breastfeeding

Pump, store, feed all in one

The Comfort manual breast pump is portable, small and lightweight. And it fits the full range of Philips Avent milk storage solutions. The recognized ease of use and the low cost of this pump reduces the barriers to milk expression, making it an ideal way for busy mothers to achieve their infant feeding goals.
User perceptions on the Avent manual ... || Breastfeeding

User perceptions on the Avent manual pump

In a recent study of UK mothers, 94% mothers strongly agreed that being comfortable when expressing is important for good milk flow while 90% of mothers were very satisfied with the effectiveness of the breast pump and 97% of mothers strongly agreed that the Philips Avent Manual pump is easy to use*
  • ¹ Based on December 2012 TNS online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 22,000 female users of childcare brands and products.
  • * Independent home placement test among 73 mothers in the UK, August 2011