3D-RA 3D Rotational Angiography imaging technology


3D Rotational Angiography imaging technology

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Philips 3D-RA generates extensive 3D visualization of vascular pathologies from a single rotational angiography run. Used with the unique whole-body coverage of Philips interventional X-ray systems, it can cover any anatomy including cerebral, abdominal and peripheral vasculature.

Reconstruction in four seconds

Reconstruction in four seconds for optimal results

Allura 3D-RA's advanced reconstruction techniques can deliver initial reconstructions in as little as four seconds after completing an angio run.
Maximum 3D functionality

Maximum 3D functionality for superb results

Allura 3D-RA offers 3D imaging in the interventional lab, including volumetric view of any vascular anatomy for 3D guidance during treatment. That's how Allura 3D-RA assists in decision-making for treatment planning.
Reconstructive Zoom Technique

Reconstructive Zoom Technique for a closer look

Allura 3D-RA's unique zoom technique allows high-resolution 3D images to be created for smaller fields of view.
Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface speeds up workflow

Quick and easy navigation with Allura 3D-RA's user interface gives you easy access to a wide range of 3D image viewing and manipulation options.
Compensation features

Compensation features for superb image quality

Allura 3D-RA has several advanced features that compensate for patient movement and ensure high-contrast resolution for all applications.
Advanced analysis tools

Advanced analysis tools support decision making

Allura 3D-RA offers a full suite of advanced clinical analysis tools to help you confidently make the right decision.
Fully integrated

Fully integrated for maximum compatibility

Allura 3D-RA integrates with your Allura system. The wireless mouse and optional XperModule give easy tableside access to all 3D functionality, so there is no need to leave the examination room.