Structural Heart Disease

Hybrid Suite with FlexMove

Mounting system

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Philips FlexMove option provides more flexibility to move your X-ray imaging system in a hybrid OR or interventional room. It can be parked in stand-by near the table, opening up space around the table and allowing access to equipment.

Special ceiling rails || Provides easy access to X-ray

Special ceiling rails for full range of movements

The special ceiling rails enable FlexMove to be parked in lateral stand-by position near the table during hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures. Simply move the X-ray imaging system into place when needed. It leaves plenty of room to work around the table in the hybrid OR or interventional suite.
Full body coverage || Simplifies procedural workflow

Full body coverage for better access

Panning an X-ray system along the table can interfere with wires and tubes. FlexMove moves the X-ray system longitudinally and laterally where needed so it does not disturb staff and other equipment. When X-ray is being used, caregivers can freely access the head end of the table and the anesthesiologist can work here without having to move aside. FlexMove provides full body coverage and keeps floor space free of bulky equipment.
Accommodates LAF || Supports hygienic conditions

Accommodates LAF to enhance hygiene

If you need to enhance your hygienic conditions and are considering a laminar air flow (LAF) system, FlexMove can accommodate this. The wide ceiling rails allow you to install a LAF unit (3.2 x 3.2 meters). FlexMove can be moved out of the clean-air area when not required.
Park position || Provides easy access to X-ray

Park position frees up treatment area

When the X-ray system is not needed it can easily be moved to the park position away from the treatment area, allowing more room for caregivers and equipment. It can then be easily moved back into position when needed.