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StentBoost Enhanced Visualization Software

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StentBoost is a simple, quick, and cost-effective tool to enhance stent visualization in the coronary arteries. With the StentBoost Subtract feature, you can see the stent in relation to the vessel wall as you are working.

StentBoost enhances stent visualization.

StentBoost enhances stent visualization.

The unique technology of StentBoost enhances the stent, while fading out background noise and anatomical structures. This enhanced visualization shows fine details of stent struts, and thinner and drug-eluting stents. This image supports you in precise placement of the stent.
StentBoost Subtract*
StentBoost Subtract* supports precise positioning

StentBoost Subtract* supports precise positioning

Philips unique StentBoost subtraction* feature shows the enhanced stent image in relation to the vessel wall to support precise pre- and post stent deployment. This image allows enhanced positioning, especially critical during bifurcation and ostial stenting. It also enables fine control of pre-dilation, stent expansion, and post-dilation.
Non-invasive tool || Fast and efficient

Non-invasive tool is fast and efficient