Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

CT TrueView

Facilitate 3D visualization in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

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Utilizing integrated Cardiac CTA to achieve optimal view planning, lesion estimation and 3D vessel assessment for complex vessels and lesions prior to procedure. During the intervention, CT Trueview fuses 3D model of coronaries on X-ray images offering robust anatomical roadmap.

3D cardiac model || Precise positioning

3D cardiac model provides insight

The 3D cardiac model produced by CT TrueView provides optimal insight into the structure of the coronary vessel tree. It can be used can be used to select the optimal viewing angle without using additional radiation. This image can minimize foreshortening when determining the length of a lesion. It can also aid clinicians in determining the location of a bifurcation by correcting for overlapping branches.
Reuse of images || Reduced X-ray dose and contras

Reuse of images reduces radiation exposure

CT TrueView creates an offline 3D reconstruction of the entire coronary vessel tree all at once, based on CT images acquired before the procedure. No additional radiation or contrast medium is required to select the optimal viewing angle. This can help reduce X-ray dose and contrast medium usage.
Offline coronary imaging || Efficient workflow

Offline coronary imaging saves time

This cardiac imaging option is available on the extended Philips Brilliance workstation in the CT room. From there the 3D model can be sent to the interventional lab. Working offline can save time and streamline workflow. Clinicians can use it before and during procedures to select the optimal viewing angle of the lesion and the right stent length, without having to acquire additional diagnostic images.
Synchronized movements || Precise positioning

Synchronized movements ensure accuracy

The program automatically adjusts the 3D images to changes in gantry, field of view, source to image and table position. For even better visualization, it also offers enlarged full-screen mode and 4x digital zoom.