Xper Flex Cardio Flexibility and clinical decision support

Xper Flex Cardio Flex Cardio Physiomonitoring System

Flexibility and clinical decision support

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Xper Flex Cardio Physiomonitoring system combines flexibility suitable for a host of interventional environments with clinical decision support tools that aid efficient diagnosis.

Space-saving design || Efficient workflow

Space-saving design fits into nearly any area

With a small form factor of only 19 cm x 15.2 cm x 25.4 cm (7.5" x 6" x 10"), Xper Flex Cardio is designed to fit into nearly any space. It features a VESA mounting capability that enables mounting in varied locations.
DXL ECG Algorithm || Increased diagnostic confidenc

DXL ECG Algorithm delivers precision and consistency

Xper Flex Cardio features an algorithm that produces precise and consistent ECG measurements that are used to generate interpretive statements. By applying age- and gender-specific criteria, the algorithm provides ECG interpretation that helps clinicians accurately assess the cardiac state of patients.
Culprit Artery Detection || Interventional support

Culprit Artery Detection helps pinpoint occlusions

This feature provides suggestions on the probable site of an occlusion prior to a cath procedure, saving valuable time and assisting with procedure planning.
Decision support || Efficient workflow

Decision support aids efficient diagnosis

Xper Flex Cardio is packed with advanced clinical decision support features that deliver valuable patient information in the patient preparation room, during the interventional procedure, and in the recovery room. With just one click, you can capture the relevant data in an ECG report.
ST Maps || Interventional support

ST Maps help caregivers assess a patient's condition

Our patented ST Maps provide a graphical indication of ST elevation or depression from either 12- or 16-lead ECGs in both frontal and transverse planes. This helps physicians assess a patient's condition before and during a procedure, as well as evaluate the results of the intervention.
Integrated FFR || Efficient workflow

Integrated FFR enhances reporting

Xper Flex Cardio displays Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) measurements in real time, and then stores them as part of the hemodynamic and cath lab record, so that reports can be automatically populated with FFR data.
16-lead ECGs || Interventional support

16-lead ECGs provide more information

Xper Flex Cardio offers the choice of 12- or 16-lead ECGs. With four additional leads that can be used for improved detection of the right ventricular and posterior infarct, 16-lead ECG fills in the "blind spots" of a 12-lead ECG.
Critical Values || Efficient workflow

Critical Values highlight important findings

Critical Values are highly visible independent statements that appear on the ECG reports. These Critical Values statements highlight conditions requiring immediate clinical attention, and can be used to support discovery-to-treatment and quality initiatives.