Philips & Trumpf Medical OR Table

Philips & Trumpf Medical

OR Table

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The Philips Azurion and Allura imaging systems, in combination with the Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7500 Hybrid Plus, combines leading-edge interventional X-ray with a leading-edge OR table. A setup that will provide you with a truly multifunctional room where you can perform interventional, hybrid, and traditional surgical procedures.

Excellent flexibility and efficiency || KBA 1

Excellent flexibility

When a leading edge interventional X-ray system works side-by-side with a leading edge OR table, your medical teams benefit from excellent flexibility. The Trumpf Medical OR table provides extreme adjustment angles and positions to support a full range of surgical procedures.
Fast and confident positioning || KBA 1

Fast and confident positioning

The Philips Allura with FlexMove and Trumpf Medical OR table are interfaced to work smoothly and flexibly with each other. The interface between the Allura stand and the Trumpf OR table* facilitates the stop of gantry and table movements after a Bodyguard signal so you can move the Allura at high speeds with confidence.
Smooth and easy control || KBA 1

Smooth and easy control

Intuitively pan and free-float the Trumpf tabletop with the Trumpf SensorControl handle. The Allura stand and Trumpf OR table are controlled via their individual control modules. Use the motorized shuttle to easily exchange tabletops and transfer patients.
Precision in every position, perfecti... || KBA 1

Precision in every position, perfection in any discipline

The Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7500 Hybrid plus OR table system has a fixed column in the floor and can be outfitted with different tabletops.
  • The product is not available in all countries. Consult your Philips representative for more information.
  • * Bolus Chase, Table APC, Table Tracking and compatibility with EP navigator and MRCT Roadmap are not supported on Philips Allura in combination with the Trumpf Medical OR table. No table motion compensation is available in overlay applications. The VesselNavigator and EchoNavigator tools are available based on a table lock solution, meaning that table movement is restricted during the procedure and all movements are handled via the C-arc of the Allura system with FlexMove option. If the table lock has been removed during the procedure, a new registration must be made in order to use the mentioned functionality again.