Pinnacle³ Automated multi-modality image registration

Pinnacle³ Syntegra

Automated multi-modality image registration

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Increase confidence in contouring and simulation with multi-modality image registration for treatment planning integrated within Pinnacle³. Syntegra multi-modality registration software shortens the radiation therapy planning cycle and results in more confident diagnoses.

Automated 3D registration

Fast and reproducible

Syntegra promotes accuracy through the use of accelerated mutual information, cross-correlation and local-correlation algorithms. Choose optimized algorithms that best serve your clinical application.
Multi-modality registration

Automatic matching

Syntegra automatically superimposes physiological data (such as PET) with anatomical data (such as CT or MR), eliminating the need for clinicians to manually identify and match the information.
Multi-modality display and review

User-friendly viewing

With optimized diagnostic quality visualization of PET, CT, MR, and SPECT, Syntegra allows for a consistent, user-friendly viewing environment and reporting format.
Integration with Pinnacle³

Easy collaboration

As an integral part of Philips Pinnacle³ radiation therapy treatment planning system, Syntegra helps bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment. A radiation oncologist can, for instance, import PET/CT tumor contours into a Pinnacle³ treatment plan and review and use the displays and regions of interest that have been identified by the radiologist.