Pinnacle³ Radiation therapy planning system


Radiation therapy planning system

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Fast, accurate, and interactive treatment planning tools have made Pinnacle³ a leader in radiation treatment planning. With a reputation for performance, reliability and a flexible, intuitive planning environment that simplifies workflow, Pinnacle³ has become the foundation for IGRT adaptive planning.

Volumetric 3D image processing || Accuracy

Crisp renderings

Powerful Pinnacle³ visualization tools are evident in the crisp volumetric rendering of the images displayed. This allows the user to visualize actual patient anatomy based on the voxel information provided by the 3D dataset. It also eliminates the need to outline/contour structures such as skin and bone to visualize in 3D.
Intuitive planning environment || Flexibility

Flexible and easy to use

Pinnacle³ is a leader because our planning environment saves time and simplifies workflow. Scripting allows you to record and play back all the important steps in the planning process.
Integrated platform || Efficiency

IGRT efficency

Fully integrated photon, electron, stereotaxy, brachytherapy, simulation, image fusion, and IMRT options allow you to efficiently perform treatment planning tasks from a single platform.
Multi-modality image fusion || Accuracy

Improved treatment planning

The precise location of the target volume and clinical structures are critical. Pinnacle³ incorporates multi-modality imaging right into the localization and planning process. Increase the accuracy of target volume definition, reduce potential inaccuracies of manual translation without fusion, identify active areas of tumors, and define functional areas to avoid during radiation treatment.
Multi-desktop networking || Flexibility

Flexible planning

The multi-institution environment in Pinnacle³ allows patients to be shared between multiple hospitals and clinics. You can perform centralized planning at your main facility, while offering plan modification and review at off-site centers.
Model Based Segmentation || Efficiency

Saves time

Model Based Segmentation (MBS) software includes an anatomical library of 3D patient organ structures models, which reduces the time oncologists spend manually drawing contours. Propagate organs to alternate 4D datasets to determine the extent of tumor movement within the patient.
CCCS || Accuracy

Accurate dose calculation

The Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition (CCCS) algorithm in Pinnacle³ calculates the full 3D dose, including monitor units, for e.g. a four field prostate in mere minutes with Pinnacle³ Adaptive Convolution Superposition.
Plan Evaluation || Flexibility

Make real-time changes

Advanced evaluation tools allow the user to interactively adjust plan prescription and beam weights. You can immediately observe the effects of these changes in 2D, 3D dose displays, and dose volume histograms. Plan Evaluation features Tumor Control Probability and Normal Tissue Complication Probability values, interactive Beam Weighting, and Multi-Trial Plan Comparison.
Integrated Electron Planning || Efficiency

Makes planning easy

Electron planning is easy with Pinnacle³. Pinnacle uses a Modified Hogstrom algorithm that is easy to implement. Advanced features include monitor unit computation for blocked fields, and heterogeneous dose calculation. Combined modality planning with photons is easy to accomplish.
Beam set-up options || Accuracy

Full control

Pinnacle³ allows users full control of beam set-up, from accelerator selection, field size, and block design, to priority blocking and real-time updates as the couch, gantry, or collimator position changes.
Object-oriented design || Efficiency

Makes 3D planning easy

Pinnacle³ has an object-oriented design, which allows a first time user to be easily guided through the planning process, yet is flexible enough to allow the user to modify and change a plan without having to backtrack through a series of menus. Pinnacle³'s intuitive graphical user interface helps guide the user through the steps to perform a 3D plan.
Advanced contouring tools || Accuracy

Quick, accurate planning

Pop-up tools in Pinnacle³ allow the user to define fast and accurate contours. Choose from point-by-point contouring, continuous and automatic contouring, as well as contour copying and paintbrush contour. All contours defined are immediately available for any of the simulation or planning functions.